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Safe shopping procedure:

Safe shopping procedure: you should find the entrepreneur's registration details, address and contact details + regulations on the store's website. The seller is obliged to make them available. Before purchasing, please always check whether the website has an address to which you can send a return - in case of a complaint. Often, the lack of an address means that we will send returns to China at our own expense. Check the price of the product you are looking for in other stores, often a big promotion is simply not possible. Is it worth contacting the store before buying, is there any contact with the store/company? It is worth checking whether the store/company has a social media page and what ratings are given on this page. You can also check when the domain was created. The above procedure will not protect us from fraudsters, but it may reduce the risk that we will buy a defective product. You can contact the Consumer Ombudsman and seek free advice in connection with the situation.

Have you been cheated? Check out how to get your money back, depending on your payment method and platform:

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