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Jak bezpiecznie kupować online: zanim zrobisz zakupy w jakimkolwiek sklepie online – warto przejść przez poniższą procedurę – znajdź na stronie sklepu dane rejestracyjne przedsiębiorcy, adres oraz dane do kontaktu. Sprzedawca ma obowiązek je udostępniać. Można sprawdzić czy firma istnieje po nipie – Nip lub regon firmy wpisujemy na stronie
 Before purchasing, please always check that the website provides an address to which you will be able to address your return - in the event of a complaint. Often, the absence of an address indicates that we will direct returns to China at our expense. Please check the price of the product you are looking for in other shops, often a big promotion is simply not possible. If a dress costs around £100 and looks like a ball gown - the quality usually gives a lot to be desired in Chinese shops. If you see a well-known logo on a sweatshirt or shoes and the price is between 1 - 200 zlotys and the website address is "strange" - there is also a big danger that you will receive a completely different product than in the picture. It's worth contacting the shop before you buy - does their phone pick up? It is worth repeating this procedure for any online purchases. It is worth checking the shop's Facebook page, are there comments under posts? Is it empty and gives food for thought. Please remember that the market for purchased positive comments is booming, so please verify the content carefully. The above procedure will not protect you from scammers, but it may reduce the risk of buying a faulty product. You can contact the CONSUMER REPRESENTATIVE when a shop does not send you goods or does not accept your complaint and there are communication problems with the shop:
  a jeśli zostałaś/zostałeś oszukany przez jakikolwiek sklep online, napisz także do nas. Na naszej stronie facebookwej możesz opublikować zdjęcia i nagłośnić sprawę aby mniej ludzi zostało oszukanych. Jeśli masz jakąkolwiek opinie o
 share it on our website.  

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