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How to safely buy online? (we try to add such information to each store) - before you do shopping in any online store - it is worth going through the following procedure - find on the store's website the entrepreneur's registration details, address and contact details + regulations. The seller is obliged to make them available. Before buying, please always check whether the website has an address to which you can send a return - in the event of a complaint. Often, the lack of an address means that we will send returns to China at our own expense. Please check the price of the product you are looking for in other stores, often a big promotion is simply not possible. If the dress is cheap and looks like a ball gown, the quality usually leaves much to be desired. If you see a well-known logo on a sweatshirt or shoes and the price is low and the website address is "strange" - there is also a great danger that a completely different product will come to us than in the picture. It is worth contacting the store before buying, is their phone answered? It is worth repeating this procedure for any online purchases. It is worth checking the store's Facebook page, are there comments under the posts? Is it empty and makes you think. Please remember that the market for bought positive comments is booming, so please review the content carefully. The above procedure will not protect us from fraudsters, but it can reduce the risk that we will buy a faulty product. You can contact the CONSUMER Ombudsman when the store does not send the goods or does not accept complaints and there are problems with communication with the store, and if you have been cheated by any online store, also write to us. On our facebook page you can post photos and publicize the case so that fewer people are deceived. 

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